Project Need/Help

How can we complain? How can we say it shouldn't be like this? We started it. You can't blame anything else but you and all your friends. Not only them, but the rest of us, all of us.

How can you accomplish anything without recognizing God? In yourself you are nothing. Goals are to be accomplished but what is something that ends in stalemate. Fruitless endeavor.

Our minds are controlled. The sources have out-sourced and won. Together we try and band, unite or rally. Accomplishing little and tripping over our own feet. The ball is rolling and the hill gets longer.

There is no making sense of this. We are so distorted. Beyond the rope of safety and sanity. Will we ever get out. No... We won't, is that ok? It has been. You've survived but, why?

There's safety in the Light. There are goals but not our goals. Throw away the pointless deeds of self. Stop listening to the gods of this earthly desert. Freedom is quite the opposite of what they feed you.

Just listen to It. Hear past the fake commercial buzz. Past the plastic sounds and the glass windows. I hope we find what we need. It's not very far. You could be close.


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