Through the years together Leah and Scott have enjoyed all the fun Belleville has to offer.
Here are a few things that you might like to do while you are here.

Waterfront Trail or Zwicks Park
George Street Boat Launch

This would be the special spot where Leah and Scott spent many times talking and dreaming. The most recent conversation here ended with a ring on Leah's finger. Hehe

Check this link

Shopping at Quinte Mall

It isn't a big city mall but it has some good shopping. If you forgot your shoes this would be a good place to shop for them (at the most recent wedding Scott and Leah attended, Scott forgot his shoes at home, it can happen to anyone)

Quinte Mall Website


Scott and Leah's friendship started with trips to the driving range every week, Scott practiced and Leah pretended to know what she was doing to spend time with him.
There's lots of place to go golfing but here are a few places Scott's familiar with.



Located conveniently in the center of town. This is Scott and Leahs favorite place to eat. Scott orders the Wings and Leah insists on Thai Shrimp.

Located at 170 North Front Street

Biking Trail and
Quinte Conservation Area

Both Leah and Scott love to go for walks and bike trips. If you have the time, there are tons of places to walk and bike here in Belleville. Just watch out for the birds.

(located at the Quinte Mall facing Bell Boulevard near Chapters) or if you prefer
Tim Hortons
(everywhere, can't miss them) you can find us at these places too.

Cineplex Odeon
We would tell you what is playing but we need to check our phones... or you can just click on the link.
Prime Time Steakhouse

When we have important things put off on a Saturday, we start off the day here. Haha Yummy breakfast!!!

Located at 260 North Front