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Redwing Black Bird

Took a still down to the water. This guy let me get fairly close.
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The Haiti Trip

When I first heard of the disasters in Haiti I wanted a solution for them. Lots of questions came into my head about why it is like it is there and what can be done to fix the country. I had my ideas and solutions for what I thought could be done and I got even more curious as we had the opportunity to go there! It was a no brainier for me because I was so interested in seeing what the country was really like, plus i haven't been outside of Canada or US yet so I thought why not. Little did I know what I would see and experience, thinking that the country would be a complete wreck and that chaos would be everywhere. Now, there was definitely damage and even some chaos...mainly on the roads of Port Au Prince but I was blown away by what I saw. Haiti is a beautiful island country and is full of energy. The poverty didn't shock me as much as some might think but it was more the people and the landscape that amazed me.

The people at Mission Possible were awesome and you can tell they’ve hosted lots of groups before. I am very glad to have met Pastor Herve and listen to his vision and see the passion he has for helping his fellow Haitians. In the end of it all I know that God showed me all the answers to my questions. He showed me that I don't need to intrude and come up with my own solutions but that He has everything under control. He is working through people like Pastor Herve, Mission Possible and the teams that go down and accomplishing many things for Haiti and it's future. I would be happy to support that mission in any way moving forward and maybe even go back someday. God protected us the whole time, not once as a group were we threatened by any danger just adventure. I was shown what it means to really give up your time for someone and that sometimes time doesn't matter. I hope I can apply all I have learned there but coming back to Canada has been tough really (not just the weather either) it was awesome to see God working with such faithful people.

Thanks Dave for getting this organized it was well worth it and I'm so glad that he made the time for us to do this trip. Trips like this do change your point of view on many things and answers questions you might have.

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